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At Flying Start, we believe education and entrepreneurship go hand-in-hand. Every student deserves an opportunity to engage in real-life learning opportunities to create, innovate, and build job skills; and every business owner deserves the opportunity to grow their business and help their community without breaking the bank. Here's how Flying Start works:

Businesses post tech projects

Schools add a wish list and bid on projects

Use Flying Start to connect and communicate in a safe and secure environment

Businesses pay a fraction of the cost of a professional developer; students get an authentic learning opportunity; and schools get much-needed educational materials

Technology solutions for the community-minded and budget-conscious business owner.

Steven Catallin

Mr. C's Class

Grade 9 2 projects worked

Shannon Kowalski

Mrs. Kowalski's STEM

Grade 12 2 projects worked

Linda Herrera


Grade 10 0 projects worked

Mike Heyward

Heyward Digital Media

Grade 11 0 projects worked

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