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Our mission

At Flying Start, we believe in cultivating opportunities for growth and innovation by connecting students and community to provide authentic, real-life learning experiences.

Flying Start is a platform that connects web and app development students with businesses in order to provide real-life learning opportunities for the students, as well as help small businesses that may not be able to afford expensive professional tech services.

Here’s how it works: businesses post tasks/projects they need completed, schools bid on projects as learning opportunities for their students, and they connect via the online platform.

For example, students that are learning how to code might be able to connect with a business owner who needs an app. The business pays a fraction of what it would cost to hire a professional developer, and the students get a great opportunity to work on a real project.

Our vision

Flying Start aims to:

  • provide a platform for students to practice their tech skills to solve real issues;
  • provide quality technology job experience for students;
  • provide a service to small business owners who may not have the money, time, or resources to complete tech tasks on own;
  • bridge the gap between what is taught in school and real-life experience.

Our core values

Progress.  Integrity.  Kindness. Giving.

We are progressive thinkers. We keep learning, moving forward, and challenging the status quo.

We operate with integrity. We mean what we say and say what we mean.

We are stewards of kindness and giving for humanity and our Earth. We want to make the world a better place every day.

Real work, real life, real learning.

Welcome to Flying Start!


Karrin J Burns

Founder and CEO, Flying Start

Meet the team

Karrin Burns

Karrin Burns

Founder & CEO

Karrin has a B.A. in French, a M.A. in Teaching, and over 10 years experience as a classroom teacher.  She is an Apple Distinguished Educator (Class of 2017), an aspiring iOS app developer, an author, and an entrepreneur.

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