How Flying Start Works


Small business owners and entrepreneurs are often in need of web and mobile app solutions to stand out in a tech-savvy world, but may be on a lean budget. By hiring students to complete the work, business owners are contributing to the growth of job skills and providing students with an exciting learning opportunity. Your payment to the school is a donation to the classroom’s Amazon Wish List.*

Flying Start connects your businesses with classrooms learning web and/or app development.  Businesses get quality work at a fraction of the price, and provide an opportunity for students to build important job skills. Plus, you are supporting your community by donating needed educational materials to the school in return for their services.


Teachers want to provide students with skills they need for the future, but finding opportunities for students to practice what they are learning in authentic situations is difficult. Every teacher asks themselves, “Am I providing my students with what they need to succeed?”

Authentic learning opportunities not only increase student engagement, but increase student learning. You want your students to use their development and problem-solving skills in real-life situations. You want your students to be engaged. You want the work your students do to matter beyond the classroom.

What’s the point of discussing hypothetical problems when your students should be solving real ones? Provide them with opportunities to develop real world and job skills by connecting with businesses in need.

Flying Start connects your web and app development students with real projects for real businesses. Bid on the projects that will offer your students an opportunity for authentic learning. In addition to an innovative learning experience, your classroom will receive needed educational items from your Amazon Wish List.

*Flying Start charges 10% commission on the final agreed upon project price, payable by the project owner.

**Email address must be verified by an agent of the school district applying.