Need help getting started in your classroom or after-school club?

We’ve gathered a list of excellent resources for you.

Web Design & Development

Web design and development includes website creation (front and back-end), coding, web applications, management, etc.

Mobile App Development

Mobile app development includes UI/UX, coding, management, submission, etc. in a variety of languages for iOS and Android platforms.

Digital Design/Wireframing

Digital design includes the design of banners, digital and social media advertisements, infographics, web elements, and other graphics.  Wireframing is designing the flow or user experience for a website or mobile application.

Video/Audio Production; Storytelling

Video/audio production and storytelling helps your business tell the right story for the right market.  This includes videos for social media, advertisements, commercials, podcasting, and other video and audio productions.

Email & Social Media Marketing

Email and social media marketing includes creation/management of CRM and email messaging, Facebook and Google ads, newsletter production, social media account creation and management.

Database Creation & Management

Database creation and management helps your business get and stay organized by storing data.  

Web Analytics

Web analytics includes installing elements to your company’s website and web advertisements to collect, analyze, and measure the web traffic your business is generating.  Analytics help you understand who is clicking your links and visiting your website. 

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