Pre-K and Kindergarten Full Session


*This is a subscription class; you will be charged weekly until cancelled. This class is appropriate for learners ages 4-5.

Three classes for a continuous morning of Pre-K and Kindergarten fun and learning: Circle Time, Learn to Read, and Get Your Facts Straight Math for PK-K!

Circle Time:

Every day, we will do calendar, practice counting and alphabet, record the weather, sing songs, read, and make friends! Learners will receive a calendar booklet to download and use (print or digital) for this class.

Learn to Read: Foundational Reading:

This class focuses on phonics, phonemic awareness, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. Learners will be introduced to letters, letter sounds, Kindergarten sight words, and vocabulary; as well as build beginning comprehension by listening to oral reading and asking/answering questions. Each session will include an interactive read-aloud, followed by phonics/phonemic awareness lessons.

GYFS for PK & K: Math Stories LIVE!:

GYFS for PK: Math Stories LIVE! focuses on addition and Subtraction within 10. It is a positive, fun, interactive class where participants interact with each other and the teacher. Students will use manipulatives, drawing, games, and stories to practice counting, adding, and subtracting within 10. Students will develop, practice, and share strategies for counting and problem-solving in order to strengthen their mathematical foundation. This class is appropriate for students who are learning the beginning foundations of math: count sequence, using fingers and objects to count, writing numbers, and solving simple addition and subtraction within 10.

Each class will begin with an activity focused on building number-sense , followed by stories and word problems to practice counting and addition and subtraction strategies. Students will be expected to share and discuss problem-solving strategies with others.

Choose a session:

Mondays, Tuesday, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays 9:30AM – 11:00AM Central

Mondays, Tuesday, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays 1:00PM – 2:30PM Central

Classes are 25 minutes each (5 minute break between classes), price per week. One child per registration.

Once registered, you will receive a link to the Zoom session via email.

PLEASE NOTE! THIS IS A SUBSCRIPTION CLASS. You will be charged weekly until you cancel, and you may cancel at any time.

All participants are required to read and agree to our Privacy Policy

Refund and cancellation policy: We want all of our learners to remain happy and curious! Refunds are given if the class is cancelled by Flying Start, or if a learner cancels his/her reservation within 24 hours of booking the class. Refunds will not be given if your learner misses the class for any reason. Please contact for more information.

Subscription terms:

Once subscribed, your credit card will be charged every week on Sunday for the upcoming week.

You may unsubscribe any time by emailing

To avoid being charged for the upcoming week, please be sure to cancel your subscription by 12:00AM CT Saturday prior to your first class.

This class is taught by Karrin Burns.



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Three classes for a continuous morning of Pre-K and Kindergarten fun and learning: Circle Time, Learn to Read, and Get Your Facts Straight Math for PK-K!

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Monday- Friday 1:00PM – 2:30PM Central, Monday- Friday 9:30AM – 11:00AM Central


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