Flying Start serves young thinkers ages 4-7; I am looking for someone who is well-qualified and equipped to teach that age.

Here’s the details: I am experimenting with making Flying Start a teaching collective of sorts- a group of entrepreneurial teachers sharing resources but holding their own classes on my platform. I am considering adding one teacher now who is interested in designing their own innovative online curriculum for a learner-centered course and teaching it via my platform. I’ve built the systems- website, social media, online learner community including Zoom, credit card, scheduling, subscriptions, CRM, etc. I have a small base of learners, and it is growing.

My idea of a collective assumes a small highly-skilled, innovative group of teachers can grow our subscription base and share in the exposure to a larger dedicated audience. Similar to other platforms like Outschool, each teacher will be in charge of their own business (how much to charge, when to hold classes, what to teach, how to teach, etc.) but instead of splitting income 70/30 as Outschool and other sites do, Flying Start educators would keep all their income and pay a small monthly fee to pay for the platform, credit card fees, CRM management, and marketing.

I would like to start with one additional teacher first to see how it goes and how we both like it. Currently, I am specifically looking for someone to potentially teach foundational reading type classes online for ages 4-7, and classes must be HIGHLY engaging, innovative, and interactive using online tools. Educators must be licensed and certified in their state. I prefer an ADE who is also a Reading Specialist or similar. Lots of cool interests and ideas that you want to develop into classes for this age group is a plus!

To be clear, this is a partnership, not a job. I am not paying you; you will sell your class. You design, hustle, and teach. It is not for everyone! It is a purely entrepreneurial endeavor; there isn’t anything to lose but some time, however there could be lots to gain. This isn’t (and shouldn’t) be a full-time gig. And I’m open to ideas and discussion (in fact, I welcome them- I’m learning!). You do need to be in the US.

Interested? Check out our work and let’s connect!